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I'm getting obsessed with the new book I'm working on, and it's making me jealous of my time. So I'm going to be lazy this week and post a couple of blog comments that I've rejected, along with why.

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hadn't heard of replica before. Who are they?

Fair question, I just hate comments that don't start with a capital letter and I can't edit them. Replica belongs to Baker&Taylor, the large book distributor/wholesaler that focuses primarily on libraries and schools. Their deal was similar to that offered by Lightning Source, but with access to Baker&Taylor rather than Ingram. But they never got around to setting up a website that I know of, and I'm told they make small publishers jump through some hoops to get signed up. Everybody I know who has used them was happy enough with the outcome, but found the process incredibly clunky.

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I would really like to tell you that I'm doing it! My book is 100% returnable, 55% discounted and of course listed with Ingram. I went through Lightning.

I call stores on my own. I've been doing it since October and so far, I'm in about 50 stores accross the U.S. Most short order, but I've had nearly a dozen offers for signings. Some I could do some I couldn't.

Anything can be done if tenacity, grit and drive are involved. This is just the beginning for me.

Doin' it!

Great comment, I just didn't see the point of it getting wasted on an ancient blog post nobody reads!

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Nice rant. Romance sales will always look low in the larger scheme of things because you can pick em up for $5 each. Problem is, almost every female has one good romance in her...One. But if romance is gonna be the chosen genre, then go with a publishing house. At least that way you MIGHT make some money rather than loosing it.

I didn't post it because I didn't see the point of the oversimplification. The vast majority of authors who contact me would love to "go with a publishing house" but they can't get a trade publishing house to go with them.

In any case, it's clear that I don't really "get" the whole blog thing, in the sense that I'm not interested in making my website a destination for people to argue it out about controversial issues. I delete any such messages from the moderation queue without a qualm.

Hope you're all having as productive a month as I am so far.

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