Self Diagnostic For Self Publishers

Lost my mind a little today while working on diagnostic flowcharts and knocked one out for self publishing problems. Normally, I tell aspiring self publishers that success in self publishing is entirely dependent on marketing, but today I backed the truck up a bit and made market research the focus. The best marketing in the world is of little value when there isn't a market for the book. I'm pasting in the mini version of the diagnostic flowchart below, clicking on the flowchart or here will take you to the full size version. Once you're there, clicking the diamond shapes brings you to longer text clarifications since space on the flowchart itself is limited.

This must be both the shortest and the most time consuming blog post I've ever written:-)


coop said...

I love these sorts of flowcharts :)

Morris Rosenthal said...

Thanks, I really sort of rushed through this one, and it breaks a lot of my standard rules for keeping things clear. At least I didn't re-cross any lines, and I may revisit it when I have more time. My favorite general audience flowchart to date is the one I did for education reform.