The Instant Passover Cookbook Publisher

It's funny how often writers find that a blog post written for fun turns out to evoke a strong reaction. I got such a positive reaction to my post about publishing a cookbook for bachelors that I decided to revisit the subject with a holiday version. In a couple hours, it will be time for the first Seder, which I'll do alone for probably the tenth year in a row. Although I fall into the "casual Kosher" crowd during the year, I'm strict on Passover. None of my thirty second recipes are permissible for eight days, so I have to get a little more creative.

This year, the hands-down winner for the publisher on the move is "Bone-in Chicken, with diced potatoes and carrots in sauce." The recipe is, buy it in a box from Meal Mart, no refrigeration needed. My guess is they irradiate it, which means no preservatives are required as well. If I understand the sell-by stamp, it's good for another three years, but I'm eating it this week.

My runner up instant recipe I call "Fillets of Herring in Sour Cream." I buy it in a big jar from Rite Brand, I think Nathan's makes it as well. It's just easier than buying the sour cream and herring separately and having to mix them together.

Speaking of which, my third and final recipe is sour cream and bananas. Compared to the last two, this is fairly complex as you have to peel the banana, slice it into a bowl, and add the sour cream. Getting the special plastic seal off the lid of the sour cream container is probably the toughest part.

As with my regular year cookbook, I suggest eating fiber for a healthy diet, and I've taken to buying whole wheat matzos, trying Streit's this year. I know some skeptics won't think this amounts to much of a recipe, or even a start for a cookbook, but it's like everything else in publishing. You don't necessarily get out what you put in, but you sure won't get anything out if you don't in the right effort and ingredients.

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