Technorati and Better Blogging Visibility

I've been blogging along for close to two years now, so I thought I'd finally link my Technorati Profile and claim my blog. At the same time, I figured I may as well stop hiding from the world and enable my Atom feed, so that Google Blogs and the other blog search engines can pick me up. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I forgot that the Atom helped so much with visibility, I turned it off a year ago and deleted the file!

Every once and a while I figure it's a good idea to admit I have rocks in my head, and that being a publishing pundit doesn't protect me from making all sorts of mistakes. It just gives me a platform to write about them. In this case, my mistake has been using a blog for content management, but hiding from the blogosphere. My main reason for doing this was simple stubbornness. I'm a bad sport about opening my own blogs to public comments, so I figured I'd just use blogging for content management and let it go at that. The problem is, blogging isn't a particularly good for of content management, and I have numerous archived posts that barely draw a visitor a day. The most popular archived blog post on my site doesn't come close in popularity to my top 50 pages.

All that said, in the past two years, I probably spent 90% of my publishing effort on writing for my blogs! What kind of idiot spends all of his time writing blogs and then hides them from the world? That's the question I asked myself this morning, and I couldn't provide a sane answer. So, in addition to enabling by feed and claiming at Technorati, I'm going to spend the next hour looking for web resources where I can announce my Self Publishing blog after 180+ posts. It's a good thing I'm the publisher (job title for the top dog at a publishing company) or I'd have to fire myself.

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