Blog Editing and Proofing

Anybody who has been reading this blog over the past year or so knows that I'm a horrible typist, and not a great proofreader. This results in both regular typos that jar your eyes, and link typos, which jar your browser with HTML errors. Since I never wanted to find myself dependent on existence of Blogger, I've always published my blogs on my own site, and downloaded the posts to my hard drive as well. Unfortunately, at some point I got into the habit of fixing errors on the local files on my hard drive and uploading them, rather than going to blogger and fixing them there. The result is that Blogger has a different version of my blog saved than I do.

The main problem with this is that I can't make changes to my template. If I make a change that causes Blogger to reproduce all of the blog posts from it's own image of the universe, all of the old posts will recover all of their old errors. This is particularly irksome if you're publishing a book of blog excerpts and would like to include a mention of it on the blog!

On the bright side, I had my editor and proofreader go through all of the blog before I started cutting the thing down to book size. This means I have a Word file with an even cleaner version of the 170 odd posts. My goal, over the next few weeks, is to start updated all of the archived posts that Blogger has saved with the best versions, check all of the links, and then republish the blog in one fell swoop. My main worry at this point is over file naming conventions, since I messed up early n and originally published posts with ".htm" rather than ".html" extensions.

I figure it's one of those things that are worth doing so I can really experiment with the Blogger template, see if I can get something I like better than the current layout. I've noticed it doesn't adapt that well to screen size differences, and the code Blogger publishes isn't real pretty.

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